А quick look through GERONIMO men's swimwear collection for summer 2015 is enough to convince the public that this is very quality wear with exquisite design.
The collection offers men great variety of stylish swimming suits, shorts and beachwear for every taste! The color palette is various giving you a wide choice of fresh, vibrant colors. You can also find swimwear in more discreet solid colors such as classic black and white, cool marine blue, bordeaux and brown. We have styles in different lengths and cuts, in classical or fashionable designs, in light and dark colors, in squares and flowers over dark or light background, one-colored or colorful.
Most of the fabric prints are especially developed for GERONIMO and we are sure you will find them amazing!
Whatever you choose to wear from this incredible collection, there is no way to remain indistinguishable on the beach!
Spend a fabulous summer with GERONIMO!