About us
The products under GERONIMO label are symbol of comfort, prestige, high class and style. The fabrics are selected with sophisticated precision for quality and comfort, as special attention is paid to innovative technologies. Designer decisions are brave, provocative and sexy. Our clients know that their quality of life increases significantly when they choose Geronimo underwear.

It does not make any difference if you are getting ready for a fresh beach party, a tennis game or this night you are a bold player devoted to life – Geronimo style will bring you unbelievable success. Together you will launch in the amazing oasis of underwear where you may relax from the dynamic everyday life or you may ultimately feel the beating rhythm of the city. For those representatives of the strong sex who demand on individuality and modern look in their intimate wear, we create every year a Fashion Collection Spring - Summer of underwear, swimming and beach shorts. Geronimo products satisfy at ultimate level the requirements of men of the new generation, who are sensitive to themes such as athletic body, fashion and beauty. Geronimo offers with great success a Basic Collection of underwear. There all materials and colours are a result of a special selection. These styles are with classical designs ensuring ultimate comfort during the dynamic day of the contemporary man. Our Basic collection is not influenced by the seasonal tendencies, providing comfort every time you need. Our clients who have chosen this collection can feel calm that the underwear they love will always be at their disposal. Our 3 guiding lights are:
- Quality product;
- Quality service;
- Satisfied customers;
During the last 15 years we successfully managed to follow and meet each one of these 3 guiding lights. We are proud to say that we do not produce products, we create pleased customers!